List of Experiences Occurring on October 14th, 2016

  1. Overwhelmed by the thought of what’s being pursued.  
  2. Dark old fears of histrionicism. 
  3. Creeping hyper-vigilance. 
  4. Hovering specters of failure and aimlessness. 
  5. Social comparison brain. 
  6. Mild pessimism. 
  7. Mild paranoia. 
  8. Doubts about handle on “reality”. 
  9. Beauty sometimes departs; humility takes over the watch.
  10. Dogged hope. 
  11. Pleasure and plenty of it. 
  12. Genuine enthusiasm and plenty of it. 
  13. A commitment to hard work and plenty of it. 
  14. High and low stakes vulnerability. 
  15. Convergent and divergent thinking. 
  16. Affection from the gut.  
  17. Mild embarrassment. 
  18. Lost in the mirror. 
  19. The reflection changes faces.
  20. The stark shadows of desire. 
  21. A lack of being held and then a fear of being let go. 
  22. Acceptance. 
  23. Shaking hands with the banal again, being congenial. 
  24. Serene nihilism. 
  25. Cute narcissism like a toddler’s.  
  26. Pockets of relief. 
  27. Expectations of goodness. 
  28. Little speckles of fear in a great shaking peacock tail of freedom. 
Kristin van Vloten