Hey…today Racoon Moon Records is releasing “Union” a 6-song EP I made (with glorious arrangement input and production from Simon Bridgefoot). Stream or download for free if ya like (just put $0 as the “price you name” on Bandcamp).

I’ll be honest. It feels weeeeeird to publicly share this music. I wrote these songs 4 years ago and I’m currently recording music through my Residency thing with Abbotsford Arts Council that I (naturally) feel more connected to. Plus, sharing “art” feels weird. Plus, sharing much of anything online feels weird (to me).

BUT…I am genuinely quite happy and proud that I finished and released these songs. I really love the time capsule they represent. When I wrote them, I was a freshly-minted divorcee who had just quit her very adult and involving job with no plans for future employment. I was just wrapping up a few years of intense, personality-mutating misery (and thank G-d my previous personality didn’t survive the voyage). I was a gleefully happy woman and I wrote a bunch of vaguely dance-y songs in a month just because I had the time and space to do it.

When I hear these songs, I think about: feeling happy to be angry; feeling happy to be crying; feeling happy to be up all nite; feeling happy to be weird; feeling happy to be uncertain about my future (or anybody’s future on this exponentially transforming planet); feeling happy to think about cyborgs; feeling happy to have crushes; feeling happy to invent stories and play characters; feeling happy to get older; feeling happy to be decidedly immature; feeling happy to have dodged several bullets; feeling happy to be riddled with holes.

I might never feel like a “legit musician”, but I can say that expressing myself through music has helped bring me legit, enduring, multi-faceted HAPPINESS. I’m grateful to share music-making with other people, and investigate with them what it means to use art as a mental health and community-building tool. I’d say, at this stage of the game, it wouldn’t hurt for each of us to keep a few extra tools of this nature on hand. So cheers to you while you find yours and thanks sincerely to all of you who encouraged me to find mine.


Kristin van Vloten